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Car Finder

Welcome to our car finder service where we work as your agent. This service is designed to assist those people that do not have the time nor the desire to haggle with the dealership to purchase their next car. Instead, let us be your car concierge and help you find the right vehicle.

  • Confidential- No dealer or individual knows who the person is that our staff is shopping for so no emails or phone calls from dealers.
  • Hassle Free/ Time Saver- We have contacts with high quality dealers all over Atlanta and North Georgia, as well as various auto auctions.
  • Quality Control- Before you get to see the vehicle, we have already conducted a thorough back ground check. We use Carfax and Autocheck, as well as drive and visually inspect the vehicle prior to contacting you. So it must get our stamp of approval before we make the vehicle available to you
  • Experience- Lean on our 50+ years of automotive experience in the market. From selection to delivery and thereafter, we strive to ensure your purchase decision is a sound one.
  • Cost- Besides making sure your price is highly competitive, Southern Auto's fees are typically much lower than what the average dealer charges. Example: Most dealers today charge $899 "Doc Fee". SAS' Dealer Service Fee is only $499.00!

**Average savings in fees to customer is $400.00.

Car Finding Service Recommendations:
  1. Go Ahead and Secure Financing: Apply for financing to get started. Most loan approvals are good for 30 days so you should have ample time for us to find you a vehicle. This will also provide you with needed information, such as your payment range. Along with your payments, you should know your interest rate, length of term and the max loan amount you have been approved for
  2. Be Prepared To Close: Securing financing includes securing your down payment. There is nothing more frustrating than shopping for a vehicle, finding the right vehicle, and then not being able to close because ALL of your funds or documentation is not complete. Do not expect the lender to allow you time to "pick up" your down payment or wait for documents. Be ready to close!
  3. Be As Specific and Realistic As Possible: Many people are not sure of what they want, but also, not sure of what they need in a vehicle. Try to take emotions out of the equation and be realistic. Is this a want purchase or a need purchase? Be realistic!
  4. Communicate: Have you heard the phrase, " the squeaky wheel gets the oil"?? Talk to us regularly and stay actively involved in the search process.
  5. Be Courteous: If for some reason either you have changed your mind about purchasing a vehicle or you have found one on your own, let us know. Keep in mind that you are not the only person looking for a vehicle. Each person takes a certain amount of time and resources to properly service. Not alerting us means that there is less time we have to spend assisting other people.

We train our sales staff regularly however any verbal claims or promises made by the employees of the dealership are not valid unless expressed in writing. Pricing forwarded to us from our networking dealers does not include dealership processing fees, taxes, titling fees or any other fees associated with the final sale balance. All sales are AS-IS unless expressed otherwise in writing. Vehicle accessories such as extra keys, floor mats, books, navigation disc, shift knobs etc may not come with the vehicle however we can always order these items at our discounted dealership prices which are to be paid by the customer.